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When you have the business idea and just need some help with the execution, this is the package for you. We all recognise the KFC colonel or the McDonalds arches, how will your customers remember you?


'What blue did I use for the logo again?' 'Was the font Bodoni or Montserrat?' If these design questions sound all too familiar, you’re not alone.

This is exactly why we’ve created the Brand Kit. Here are just some of the reasons you or your business will benefit from our Brand Kit:


  • Instantly apply your colors, logos and fonts to any design
  • Build trust with visual consistency 
  • Safeguard your brand’s visual identity
  • Look professional and consistent 
  • Take control of your brand by curating your own colours, logos, and fonts and instantly apply them to your designs
  • Brand strategy discovery session
  • Tone of voice set up
  • A branded item of your choice 
  • Regular contact & updates at each stage of the project
  • Initial brand Identity concepts

Branding Service

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