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New Podcast!

So, it's been a month since my sister and I first came out with our podcast called Rags to Riches, Bitches! It's a punchy, 20min chat with two young-ish ladies from London who cannot stop working. We both have multiple businesses and we are both so dedicated to working hard and enjoying what life has to offer, and sharing our findings along the way.

As a marketer, you'd think I'd be better at promoting my own stuff. I was talking with my brothers the other day and they did not even realise I started a podcast! I must admit, I do get lost in the day to day business of promoting my clients work and often neglect my own. Between running social media campaigns, building and updating websites, graphic design and having a toddler, actually telling people I have started a podcast is very much last on my list. Also, I was brought up to be quite about things, I am not a bragger and I do feel uncomfortable selling myself so I try to let my work do the talking for me instead, have a listen and tell me what you think!

We will be posting weekly about all things business from new tech to marketing techniques. Our mission is to remain unfiltered, to the point and motivational. If you're ready to start earning money with a side hustle, please subscribe. From sugar daddies to property investment, this podcast dives in to how to make your first million, and where to spend it when it rolls in. Episodes are available on all podcast platforms.

It has been lovely learning the podcasting ropes, as daunting as any new business decision is, the results have been fab. I recently found out that after the UK, Japan has our next highest listenership! This new venture has even allowed me to be creative in new ways too. For example, we have merchandise. If you feel like you enjoyed our content or just like our logo, have a look at some of the merch we have on offer:

All the clothes are available in size Small to 2XL and all great quality.

Right well, let me know in the comments if you liked the first few episodes or feel free to email me directly at

Have a lovely day wherever you are!


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