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  • Where do I begin?
    A great place to start is with a beautiful, clean and enticing website. With us, you will have as much control over the design process as you want. We can also help you advertise on Google and Social Media. Websites are a great way to understand your user journey, you can get an idea of how much traffic your business gets and what people are interested in. From there, Social Media campaigns, newsletters and blogs are all great ways to draw in consumers.
  • What services do you offer?
    Website creation and editing, Social Media management, paid advertising and copy writing. Essentially, we are involved in all things marketing. If your budget can only stretch to a website at this time, we can just consult free of charge, we genuinely want to help.
  • How much is a basic commerce site all together?
    It is £200 to design a standard, threepage website with your specifications. Once the website is live, if you want us to continue to maintain the website and make amends, it will cost £50 per hour. The cost to host a basic site online with the program that I use starts at £156 (excluding VAT) per year. To find out more, head to our buy now page.
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